Our Alumni Gold program provides an unparalleled quality of care in the comfort of your own home.

Alumni Senior Care serves the private client group within Husky Senior Care. Over the years we have found that there is a group of clients who require an elevated experience, exceptional staffing, extra discretion and confidentiality, and an unparalleled quality of care. We have used our experience serving high net worth individuals, company founders, executives, political figures, and other professionals and families with unique needs to develop our Alumni Gold program.

The caregivers serving our Alumni Gold clients are hand selected, subjected to extra vetting, and are compensated at a unique level. They are especially intuitive, sociable, devoted, educated, and skilled. The Alumni Gold client also receives twice the amount of Care Manager attention as a regular client. This yields a more relaxed, satisfying experience. In a word, Alumni Senior Care provides unparalleled catering and attention to achieve exactly the outcome that you desire: to stay comfortably at home.

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Alumni Senior Care

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Matthew Long
Founder and President

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Business Development